Labbaik Hajj Services is the most reliable company to offer Hajj and Umrah Services in Bangladesh, approved by Ministry of Bangladesh Religious Affairs, license no 868. For over 10 years, we have been successfully operating Hajj and Umrah Services. So, you will definitely have a well-experienced company for your Holy Hajj and Umrah services.

In our decade long journey, Alhamdullilah we served thousands of Hajjis and they all are highly satisfied with the outstanding services from our side.

Our prime concern is to remain sincere and honest in all our dealings and to offer the services what we promise. As far as our services are concerned, we always have a firm adherence to the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

At Labbaik Hajj Services, we have recruited enough knowledgeable and skilled employees, who are led by our strong leadership and management, to meet the demands of the largest group of Hajjis. You will always find us offering you our helping hands to meet your requirements on time.

Visa processing and Air ticketing services are being provided in our company at the most reasonable prices within a limited time frame. We always assure our clients of making the best use of time and money while dealing.

We are operating tour services for Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and committed to delivering you exceptionally great tour services.

Our Honorable Proprietor's Speech

Mr. Md. Fazlul Haque

Mr. Md. Fazlul Haque

Assalamu Alaikum

We established Labbaik Hajj Services with a great mission that is to make your journey of Hajj & Umrah safe and secure. From the very beginning of our agency, we have been striving to offer you superior services and facilities. And now we excel at providing Hajj & Umrah services.

We are very pleased with our team members that they have devoted themselves to the well-being of our clients. And we are grateful to our clients for getting them on our side. Our business practices are above board. We always follow the path of truth that helps us to be on the right track.

I sincerely wish you luck, happiness, and success.