The Holy Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and an obligatory pilgrimage for the Muslims. Able-bodied and financially sound Muslims are required to perform the Holy pilgrimage in Mecca and Medina once at least during the lifetime. Hajj occurs in between the 8th and 13th days of Zil-Hajj, the last month of Islamic Lunar Calendar.

Labbaik Hajj Services has different types of VIP and Exclusive Hajj Packages at the most affordable cost. We try to customize our every hajj package as per as customers’ requirements. The Hajjis who traveled with us are satisfied with our services. Afterward, they went on to recommend our company to others which helped us a lot to get more clients.

The Most Essentials for Hajj Pilgrimage:
  • Passport, Visa and Airline Tickets
  • Emergency Kit
  • Pocket Sized Qur’an, Hajj Guide and Dua Books
  • Extra Sets of (Ihram) Clothes
  • Travel Sized Bag
  • Water Bottles and Snacks
  • Hotel Booking Address
  • Shahadah Certificate
  • Cash
  • Islamic will
  • Walking shoes
  • Non-scented Toiletries